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5 Reasons Why Artists Need Music Videos

5 Reasons Why Artists Need Music Videos

When MTV started its empire, it began its programming with “Video Killed The Radio Star” by The Buggles. Although it was ironic to kick off with the video, it’s evident that MTV made music videos a vital promotional strategy in the industry. Before now, music videos were regarded as excellent PR, but musicians soon saw them as a way to display their creativity.

Michael Jackson broke all limits for what could be deemed a music video with “Thriller” in 1983. Since then and before his death, Michael found imaginative ways to interpret his songs visually.

So then what is the real purpose of music videos and why does it remain vital and necessary for the advancement of artists’ careers? A lot of work goes into the production of music videos, especially rap music. 

It’ll interest you to know that some of the best new music videos you’ve seen in recent years are a product of hard work and expertise. No wonder such videos are in limited numbers. So, while there are a lot of badly-made videos out there, it is also possible to make the right ones. Below, we’ll be giving you a few reasons why music videos are important in the development of an artist.

  1. A great video can turn an average song into an instant hit

Gangnam style! Who knew that song before the video emerged? Very few, I guess! But it’s difficult to mention the title without getting an instant recognition of the song. In fact, the song (by PSY) and Baauer’s Harlem shake were streamed 490 million and 280 million times respectively in 2013! 

That same year there were reports of over 57.1 billion video streams out of the 118 billion total streams. Amazing, isn’t it? 

Thriller is another song that became popular through the video. In fact, when you talk about the song, it is the scary, horror movie-like action that quickly comes to mind! This shows that an average or even mediocre song can become the most searched song on YouTube all because of the video!

  1. Videos serve as a visual representation of your music

We are generally more inclined and attracted to visuals than audios. This makes music videos the best way for consumers to remember a particular song. It’s easier to remember significant clips from the videos than say the lyrics of the song. 

Music videos are an avenue that artists use to create a visual picture of their music. Also, it tells a lot about the artist’s personality, traits, or beliefs. Fans want a view of their favorite acts; they want to match the voice to the face! A study shows that there were more than 507 billion on-demand streams in the first half of 2019

These were mainly from singles and albums from the likes of Halsey, Khalid, Ariana Grande, Bad Bunny, and many others. 

  1. Videos are a great way to promote the song

You can make good music, but poor promotion could mean that the song doesn’t see the light of day! There are many songs released on a daily basis, both good and bad ones, so it’s vital to employ every means possible to distinguish yours from the rest, and music videos are a great way to do that. 

YouTube, over time, has become home to official music videos, and a lot of people visit the site for that purpose. Ariana Grande had about 829,000 viewers in the live premiere of her music video for thank you, next. It’s also interesting to know that she used a YouTube feature to achieve this!

  1. Videos are a great source of entertainment and connection

Music videos are like short films, and who doesn’t love movies? You can consider it a double treat. You’re enjoying the beat and lyrics of the song and also having a little play-act to accompany it! Some of the best new music videos come with a little bit of story-telling, which makes them very intriguing. 

It also helps the artist connect with the listeners at different levels. 50 Cent’s Many Men had a short visual narration of his gun attack that almost claimed his life. Visuals of him in the hospital battling for his life, as you’ll expect, can trigger a lot of emotional reactions. 

Other rap music hits like Jesus Walks by Kanye West, Humble by Kendrick Lamar, The Real Slim Shady by Eminem and Tupac’s California Love didn’t get their high ratings by mistake. They had something extraordinary to offer, that was why they stood out!

  1. Videos are a perfect way to sell your brand and put your message out there

If pictures tell a thousand words, then you can imagine what a video will do! Viewers see artists through their videos. Your demeanor, style, content, and body language all help pass the message across. If you have advocacies, or subtle messages to pass across, there’s no better platform to do that than your music video. 

We’ve seen rappers pour out their beef, or advocate for specific courses through their music videos. Childish Gambino’s This Is America, which highlighted brutality in America in a very compelling manner, is an excellent example of this. So, what is it that you want to be known for? Your music videos should tell us that!

  1. Videos can be used as a channel for an advertisement for other brands

If you’re able to build a strong brand and reputation, you could use your music videos to promote other brands. I’m sure you already know that it’s not for free! 

There are noticeable or subtle ways that brands can advertise their product through music videos. It could be through the outright use of the product by the artist or mere flashes.

Projections suggest that there could be more music video transformations to come. It is, therefore, imperative that we watch the space. Artists are using video distribution as part of their business models. There are multiple platforms now to showcase or advertise your work. This can be done through YouTube, Instagram, or Tik Tok. 

Understanding the purpose of music videos is a great place to start. Making the right and fitting music videos is the next step. I am sure you want yours to be one of the best new music videos everyone is talking about (for the right reasons), right? 

Well, to achieve this, you must work with a quality videographer. You want to find someone who can make your vision a reality. Make sure you are investing not only in yourself, but in people that you can trust! What do you have to do then get it right? 

First, you need to realize the message of your song, then begin to build a story behind it. The video can then help you further the sales of your music, along with developing your personal brand. If you can get this right, your career will be able to reach great heights in little or no time!



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