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5 Ways to Gain Traction as a Hip Hop Artist

5 Ways to Gain Traction as a Hip Hop Artist

In the rap game, it is well understood that generating clout is key in pushing your career forward. At Releasur, we believe that focusing on your individual brand as an artist is extremely important. You want to be able to tell your story not only through your music, but also through your style and character. What makes you stand out from the rest? 

Streaming has allowed artists to be able to publish their music through multiple channels to reach fans and new listeners. Therefore, there is so much music out there, meaning that there is a lot of good music available too. This has helped the music industry grow, but it has also created more competition between artists in reaching the top spot. Unfortunately, creating great music is not the only way to gain traction or build a fan base. People want to be able to connect the sound of the artist to a personality. In addition to having access to streaming services like SoundCloud, Apple Music, or Spotify, artists must be able to utilize other forms of media to showcase their brands. This can be done through social media posts, developing a website, and broadcasting. Below you will find 5 essential traits to build your artist brand.

  1. Authenticity

Hip Hop is a form of music with so many sub-genres. Find a way to make your sound and look noticeable. Rap has so much culture, so you better be in tune with what’s trending. With that being said, don’t follow what someone else is doing. What makes you, you?

People are entertained and inspired by those that differ from the pack. There’s a balance between providing to the culture of rap, and bringing something new. Convince the lovers of Hip Hop that you are what the culture needs next. Authenticity is driven by your true self; don’t let your actions be influenced by others. You have to think of a way for people to follow your footsteps and appreciate your input. 

      2. Connectivity 

As an artist on the rise, you will start to generate a fanbase. These fans will want to hear from you, and ride along your journey to the top. Therefore, you have to make the effort to constantly produce content that allows them to see you progress. You will have to make more music, release more videos, and perform more shows. Keep your hustle alive. 

Being connected also means that you will have to connect with your fans and listeners. Always remember that your fans are the driving force behind your career, so you will have to respect what they think or feel. Focus on yourself, but know you are working hard for them too. You want to create a sense of community, allowing them to resonate with your work. As you build your brand, there will be people that will want to engage with the brand, so make sure to give them that opportunity. 

        3. Consistency

The music industry is tough and competitive. You will have to perfect your craft. At the end of the day, your art is a business and treat it that way. Put in the time at the studio and make sure you are putting out content that you believe is your best work. For every song that you release you should know that you put your heart in it, and believe it to be a banger. Also, that means that you’ll need to think about when, where, and why you are putting a certain song out. Consistency doesn’t mean releasing a ridiculous amount of content, but it means that you are putting out tracks strategically to stay consistent in the eyes of the market. Hip Hop fans want to see that you are a part of the culture. Therefore, consistency allows you stay relevant among your fanbase, and gives you the ability to grow your reach. 

Another element of consistency comes in providing other forms of media. You don’t want to be an artist that is one sided, meaning that you are only present on one platform, and release one type of song. You have to be present on all channels, so your fans can connect with you in different ways. For example, if you drop a music video, think about how you can be active on other platforms to promote and showcase it. If you show that you are consistent, then for next music video that you drop viewers will know that they will be able to find your content in various places. 

       4. Collaboration

At Releasur, we are big proponents of collaboration. We believe that the creative process gets heightened when many skill sets are at work with each other. So get out there and find other creatives that you can make something with! For your brand, it will make you look more versatile, and that you are an artist that other rappers may want to work with too. With this in mind, you will have to reflect upon yourself on your own brand, and think about strategic collaborations. Don’t just work with someone for the sake of it; he or she must have something to give to the project and you equally so. Think of this as a partnership that will help you produce something great, and that the project will help both of your brands too!

You can collaborate with all kinds of creatives. You can work with other rappers, producers, engineers, or videographers. Just before doing so, do your research and understand their creative outlook and approach to their personal projects. This will give you a better sense of how you will work with them moving forward in order to make great content. 

        5. Grind

You can always improve and work to master your artistic skills. There is always someone out there that is working harder than you. Show the world that you really believe in yourself, and let the content speak for itself. You know that you are talented, but don’t ever feel limited by your abilities to get better. Continue to surprise you, your fans, and Hip Hop that you can create something dope. 

We all know it’s not easy to make it as an artist, but you must believe that you are capable. Trust in the process, and work towards your goals. Even those at the top are putting the work in, so you should be going even harder than them. If you have a dream, go for it. At Releasur, we are trying to provide a resource for up and coming artists like yourself to find other talented creatives to work with; we’re grinding with you and we want to support the content you plan on releasing. 

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