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Videographer Membership Benefits

Local Video Services

Cycle through the best video services near you for free! Join the top talents in your city today

Network Building

Build up your portfolio ad reputation by collaborating with promising talents near you!

Lead Generation

Apply to be apart of the network and Increase your gigs in one month

Pre Production Fulfillment

Get connected to all the rentals, services, and personnel needed to elevate your video!

Secure Escrow Payments

Protect your deposits by paying through Releasur. We hold your money until you are satisfied.

Calendar and Scheduling

Book video shoots ahead of time to fill any empty time on your schedule. Keep up to date with all milestones and deadlines.

And much more...

Releasur Video Concierge Service

Book professional video services and get help with all of your pre-production efforts!

High Quality Video Services

Book industry standard videos in 1080p to 8k resolution.

Free Creative Direction

Get creative help with ideas for video content. Consult with an industry professional today!

14- Day Turn Around

Get the highest quality video in a fraction of the usual time with Releasur.

Free Pre Production Fulfillment

Get help with all your pre-production efforts. We help with crew services, rentals, scheduling, budgeting, and much more!

Payment Security

Use our escrow payment service to protect your money. We keep your money safe until you are satisfied with your video.

Releasur Exclusive Content

Get additional Releasur content to make your video standout!

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